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    Lotus Herbals LIP THERAPY Velvety Rose, 4 gm

    Lotus Herbals LIP THERAPY Velvety Rose, 4 gm


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    Lotus Herbals Lip Therapy Velvety Rose Smile rehydrates, heals and protects dry and chapped lips. Also contains SPF15 to protect lips against harmful sunraysLooking for the best possible ways of softening your lips and healing them from within? Lotus Herbals Lip Therapy Velvety Rose Smile fits the bill to perfection and rehydrates, heals and protects the lips, along with leaving them smooth, soft and supple. Lip Therapy Cocoa from Lotus Herbals contains rose that restores skin moisture and rehydrates the same to offer a well-moisturized and dewy appeal. Additionally, it contains the skin softening and emollient properties that make your lips all the more supple and attractive. The rose present in this lip balm also boasts of effective skin emollient and softening properties that restores skin suppleness and to a large extent. This 3-in-1 product can be applied in an even layer on the lips before going outdoors, and can be used twice daily. This Velvety Rose Smile lip therapy balm from Lotus Herbals offers the added advantages of SPF 15 and goes a long way in healing dry, sensitive and chapped lips; along with protecting the same from harmful UVB and UVA rays.

    • Keeps your lips well-moisturized for a long time, heals chapped lips, blisters and dry skin as well.
    • Is available in an easy-to-use twist up tube that is both hygienic and portable in nature.
    • Its SPF 15 protects lips from harmful UVA+UVB rays, thereby preventing the darkening of lips.
    • Made of herbal components, it has no negative side effects and can be used on a regular basis for best results.


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