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    Golden Rose Pencil Sharpener

    Golden Rose Pencil Sharpener


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    Keep your pencils sharp. Create a perfect point on your makeup pencils every time you sharpen. Our dual pencil sharpener allows you to sharpen standard lip and eye liners pencils and jumbo sized pencils (up to .5 inches in diameter). The sharp blades shave away wood smoothly and won’t cause divots, chipping, or splintering. This is a must-have item for every makeup bag and train case! A clear cover collects shavings, making it easier for disposal. A clear viewfinder on the bottom of the sharpener allows you to actually see the pencil as it’s being sharpened. No need to worry about over sharpening and broken tips.

    • SHARP BLADES – shaves wood without chipping and doesn’t leave missing chunks in your pencil.
    • GREAT FOR LIP LINERS & EYE LINER PENCILS – use for you lip liner and eyeliner pencils.
    • SHARP TIP EVERY TIME – our pencil sharpener delivers a sharp point every time!
    • CLEAR REMOVABLE COVER – clear cover collects shavings and gives you visibility to your sharpening.


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