A soft and smooth pen which glides easily on the eyelids to give your eyes a bright and radiant lift! L’Oreal Paris Superliner Luminizer Eye Liner gives a luxurious look to eyes, and ensures that your eye makeup stays for longer hours, minus the stress of smudging.

  • Highly water proof hence doesn’t create a mess around the eyes if it gets in contact with water.
  • Gives a jewel like sheen to eyes which gives a tighter and brighter look all day long!
  • Opthalmologically tested, hence it’s safe to use even on sensitive skin.
  • Available in four different shades.

How to use product

Thanks to its soft and supple sponge tipped pen, Superliner Luminizer gives a quick, easy and uniform application. Create a line as thick or as delicate as you wish. Hold the eyelid taut with your other hand to facilitate application


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