White Activ Anti Spots + Oil Control Charcoal Foam has magnetic action that captures dirt and oil, fights pimples and blackheads.

  • Ensures the skin is cleansed and impurities are washed out
  • Leaves it free from excess sebum and dead cells
  • Anti Shine: washes oil and dirt to keep skin fresher and matte all day long
  • Anti dullness: For bright and healthy look
  • Anti Spots: Fights pimples, reduces blackheads and dilated pores

The formula acts as a magnet on skin to capture and fights the 5 problems caused by daily city grime:

  • Shine
  • Dirt
  • Dullness
  • Dilated Pores
  • Sticky Touch

How to use product

Lather it in the your palms. Apply on wet face and gently massage concentrating on forehead, nose and chin. Avoid eyes contour areas. Rinse thoroughly.


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